Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Destiny", Blue's little mare

Wild Horses, Portraits of Freedom 
 As a result of my trips out to visit the wild horse herds in AZ, CO and NM, I am doing a series of small portraits. My goal is to give an intimate glimpse into individual horses and my visual and emotional response to their beauty. The paintings are on cradled wood, so they can be easily hung or placed as freestanding art. Shipping, (with in the continental U.S.) is free.
"Destiny" is one of Blue's mares. This summer I got to paint her from life, as I did Blue.  She has very interesting marking on her face, half white and half that beautiful orange-tan. I painted her with the late afternoon light hitting her coat expressing the warmth and life that she has. 
 Field study of "Destiny"

This is the painting I did of them last summer. It shows Blue chasing Destiny, (which I think he did most of last summer). After seeing them last summer and doing this painting, it was very special to paint them from life this summer.

"Blue and Destiny" 16x48

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