Sunday, September 27, 2009

Getting ready; Exhibit on horses

 "Friendship" SOLD
"Sparring Partners"
"American Mustangs"

  "Wild Run"

Anticipation always precedes an exhibit, and this series of paintings has held that feeling and more while working on it. The series, "Among the Mustangs", is a glimpse into the life of a Utah herd that I got to spend some time with last June. Each painting has been a journey in itself. A Soul searching quest into each horse's spirit and relationship with the herd. It is a very intimate look at the powerful, yet peaceful existence of wild horses in their natural environment. The vast openness, quiet beauty, inherent risk and freedom these wild horses symbolize in our history and in our hearts is part of what this series means to me. I hope you enjoy the preview of these paintings in the next few weeks prior to the November 7-8 Exhibit. Please contact me if you have any questions about this series.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Clear; on Seeing, Painting, and Horsemanship

They say that Horsemanship is a "Thinkers" endeavor. I believe that painting is too. It seems that I spend more time in thoughtful consideration of my horsemanship and painting than I do of the actual activity. I find that as I strive to really "see" and "feel" the source of inspiration in my painting subjects, that I have a stronger connection with them. I am working on a series, "Among the Mustangs", for an upcoming show. It is inspired by the time I got to spend with Gene Praag observing one of Utah's Wild Horse herds. One of the aspects I want to share through my paintings is the life and light that I saw in that herd. Spending time remembering the feelings I had while watching the herd, has drawn me closer to the core of what I want to express in this series. Awe of the Beauty, the peace and power, the quiet harmony and inherent risks in nature, are some of those feelings. I hope that you enjoy this series, please contact me for further information about this series, or a specific painting.