How do you paint a horse from life?

 Since, a horse can't be "posed" like a human model, I feel like I am really living in the moment. Getting the first few brush strokes in accurately is very important. At this point, I also take a couple of quick photos to remember where I started in the painting. Seeing the light and color first hand add vibrancy and clarity to my work. Being able to connect with my subject and express that helps me to connect with those that enjoy my paintings. I want viewers to feel the crisp air, smell the desert in bloom, hear the soft sigh of the horse and be touched by the life and beauty seen through my brush strokes. 

Do you paint things other than horses?

I paint a wide range of subjects. If I can't meet your needs, I can recommend an artist who can.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, I do. When I take a commission, if I can not paint a study from life, I need several photos, (if possible), and some information and stories to allow me to move beyond the photograph. I want to be able to feel and connect with what I am painting. 

If you would like me to travel to your location I can do that. I will paint several paintings on location before  completing a studio painting. You will have the first right of refusal of all of the paintings done on location. Travel costs are calculated with the cost of the completed painting, with 50% due in advance. 

If you are interested in a commission, please send me an email. karenmclain@centurylink.net

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all your helpful hints on painting anywhere, your colors etc., i miss our little painting sessions and enjoyed taking your class. Wishing i could join Art at the painting classes in canada and sorry to hear his "Norma" passed away un expectably. Keep painting Karen you do a beautiful job with your art work that will go down thru the ages :)