Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Little Book Cliffs

The Little Book Cliffs are a vast a rugged landscape that is home to a wonderful herd of wild horses. I spent some time in the lower canyons and hiked around, finding a few horses before I moved to the upper section. 

My friends, Cindy and Bill Loos of Opus Moon Music met me to spend time touring the Upper area. Cindy and Bill have made Wild Horse Anthology, a beautiful CD about the horses that call the Little Book Cliffs home. Their music is inspiring and reflective of wild horses everywhere.  Please visit Opus Moon Music to order your copy of Wild Horse Anthology and journey into the world of wild horses. I was treated to the beautiful music of Opus Moon in the landscape that inspired their music.

I had a chance to get a few small paintings done, while trying to avoid the no-see-ums. I look forward to posting them soon.