Saturday, March 4, 2017

Painting the Great Basin Band

The process of this painting shows the use of a grid layout and the changes I made as I went along. In this painting, I wanted to show the horses emerging from the dust as they ran across the range. Every horse is effected by the dust and some of the dust color is incorporated into each horse. The depth of field is quickly engulfed in the atmosphere of dust.

The grid is laid out on the reference and the canvas. In areas of more detail, I added smaller grid lines.

A sketch of the horses.

I made some changes, especially to the rear horse on the right.

In the photo, the background horse was too large, effecting the composition and depth of field. I reduced it size and prominence. 

The dust was a major feature in this painting.  I wanted to show warm and cool areas.

Adding the horses.

All of the horses have some of the dust color added. 

"Great Basin Band"
©Karen McLain

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Anatomy for Equine Artists

I am thrilled to announce, "Anatomy for Equine Artists", with  Meredith Hudes-Lowder of Equus ferus Wild Horse PhotographyWe will examine the anatomy of a horse from an artist's perspective. A strong background in and knowledge of anatomy are critical for artists regardless of discipline. A fascinating in-depth examination of these magnificent animals and provide deeper understanding and appreciation. We will begin the series with the SHOULDER and will include skeletal, ligamentous, tendonal, and muscular aspects with an emphasis on movement. The anatomical regions will be presented from numerous angles, differing coat colours, and lighting circumstances. We will provide photographic, anatomical, and artistic examples of both genders and varying ages of the mustangs. The entire ANATOMY FOR THE EQUINE ARTIST will be available for purchase as a DVD with hundreds more photos and examples. Examples of painting technique for each area covered. The influence of light, shadow, form, and atmosphere will be  discussed. 

Illustrations and photography by Meredith Hudes-Lowder.

3-D modeling by Meredith Hudes-Lowder

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Watercolor Travel Kit

Carrying a small watercolor kit is something that I do on every trip. I also take it with me to local parks, quick outdoor painting sessions and even when I get the truck serviced. I paint while waiting for the flight, on the plane, in the field looking for horses.

My kit is very light and minimal. It all fits in a small fanny pack. I use a Moleskin watercolor field book. Ninja Water brush, Rosemary travel brush, Nalgene water container, empty Metal Watercolor box, which I fill with full pans of colors that I use the most. I also use a Sucret's tin for additional colors. I also have a couple of brushes, pencils, a small sponge and cotton cloth that I can clip within easy reach. I keep a few business cards in my pack as well.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions. Keep painting!

At Assateague Island.

The Museum of Natural History. 

At Sky Harbor waiting for my flight.

Bear Mountain, NY.

With Meredith Hudes-Lowder and her travel harp.

In flight.

A lay-over.

A local park.

Assateague Island National Seashore.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Assateague Beauty - Wild Horses with the Ocean

Assateague Island has a wonderful combination of ocean side and bay side views. The warmth of the sun and cool ocean blue is a wonderful balance to the warm coat colors of the horses.

"Assateague Beauty"

"Assateague Beauty", combines the beauty of the ocean and horses that makes it such a magical place.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Assateague Island Alliance Painting and Photogorphy Workshop

The Assateague Island Alliance sponsored workshop, Painting and Photographing Wild Horses was a wonderful success. The participants were talented and engaged. They eagerly approached the adventure of painting unrestrained horses that move  on their own timetable. We covered painting in oils, quick watercolor sketches and gesture sketching. The Photography sessions with Meredith Hudes-Lowder of Equus ferus Wild Horse Photography were educational and full of insight. Students learned to make  the most  of their DSLR, point and shoot and smart phone cameras.

Many thanks for Assateague Island Alliance, Equus ferus Wild Horse Photography and our awesome workshop participants!

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