My earliest memories are of drawing and being outdoors. Growing up in Arizona, my adventurous spirit was nurtured by camping trips and I developed a deep respect for the beauty that surrounded me. I grew up at a time when I could gaze at the Milky Way and drink water from a running stream.

It seems my art was always focused on the outdoors, wildlife and the exploration of what I saw.  Today, I paint from life as much as I can. This allows me to really spend time in quiet contemplation. Observing what is happening with light, form and color.  All the questions are answered outdoors. I like to work up small paintings in the field, take a couple of photos, then have the field study and the photo for reference for studio paintings.  Painting on location allows me to put all of my scenes into the painting. What I see, hear, smell and taste. That authenticity of experience and feel is expressed in my work. I want people to feel what I felt when I was outdoors. 

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