Saturday, July 25, 2015

Cloud, Icon of Pryor Mountains

The first time I met Cloud was in the summer of 2013. During that trip I was able to campout three nights on Pryor Mountain. As it happened, Cloud’s band was one of the first that I saw on that trip. Seeing him was such a thrill and tears filled my eyes.
"Thunder on Top of the Mountain" 12x16
 Encore was a foal in 2013, and was so much like Cloud in personality and appearance. I spent as much time as I could with them during that trip.

"Encore Frolic" 6x8

In 2014, I was honored with an Artist-in-Residence position at Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area. My goal was to paint the horses that lived on the Dryhead. I spent my time following those bands and learning about them while I painted. In the course of my Residency, I went up the mountain to search for Cloud.

He had lost his band earlier and was able to win some back. He even had a foal in his small band. This was a very peaceful visit as he kept his family away from a lot of other bands.
That summer we also had the Celebration of Wild Horses through Art and Music to benefit The Cloud Foundation. That was a very popular and successful event.

 This summer, (2015), Cloud turned 20. He had once again lost his band and had dropped weight too. When I first saw him, I didn’t recognize him. He was alone and his blaze and socks weren’t visible. He was covered in a layer of mud that made him unrecognizable.
Later that afternoon, it became apparent that this stallion could only be Cloud. He got into a brief sparring match with another stallion and his iconic personality as a bold stallion was on display. I also spent time with him while he napped, hung out on the snow at the waterhole, and peacefully grazed in the meadow.
Cloud, July 2015. His blaze and socks obscured by mud. 

Cloud spars with another stallion.

Cloud peacefully grazes.

"Cloud Portrait"
Cloud is one of the most inspiring stallions and painting him is such a thrill. Please email me about availability of these and other Cloud paintings. To see and purchase photographs of Cloud, please visit, Equus ferus Wild Horse Photography.