Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Different Perspective-Using remotely controlled cameras

Several years ago, I was intrigued with the question about how horses behave when we aren't around and also how they behave after dark. That's when I first started using Trail Cameras. These cameras collect still and video, (some even record audio), and are motion activated. First, I experimented at home and was rewarded with images of urban  wildlife that stopped for a drink.

After trial and error, I learned about where to place the camera for the best shots. (I quickly learned to avoid placing it near bushes that would trigger the camera.) I began integrating these clips in my short videos. This sequence was all captured on a trail camera.

This short nocturne was fun to capture.

This video taken during my Artist-in-Residence at Bighorn Canyon, incorporates the trail camera with my Canon.

My interest also included how I could capture horses from a lower perspective. During this time I began experimenting with the GoPro.

This short video resulted in a dramatic painting.

"Mustangs" 24x36 

This GoPro video features horses from Assateague Island.

In the video below, I combine GoPro footage with  multimedia. Notice the photo with the GoPro at the 30 second mark.

This video of the Salt River Horses included the waterline.

By using the motion activated and remote controlled cameras, I have a new perspective on horse behavior. I will add to my collection of videos during the coming months. Please visit my You Tube Channel to see additional wild horse videos. Please visit Equus ferus Wild Horse Photography to see photos from many wild horse areas.