Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wildest Dreams-Painting and Wild Horse Adventure

Salt River Wild Horses, NFS
During the past two years, I have been living my dream. In June of 2009 I was returning home from a workshop with Cowboy Artist, Jim C. Norton when I visited the Onaqui Mustangs. While observing and photographing this herd I was deeply touched, and knew I would paint them. This series, “Among the Mustangs”,displays these iconic symbols as I saw them, thier interaction with each other and the land. This series began a soul-searching quest into each horse's spirit and relationship with the herd, allowing an intimate glimpse at the powerful, yet peaceful existence of wild horses in their natural environment. I began a quest to see as many of them as I could and express their beauty through paint. Some of the paintings from this original series are still available. Several are at the SunDust Gallery in Mesa, and several are on display at the Apache Junction City Office Complex.
This July, I am returning to study with respected artist Jim C. Norton. The intensive workshop, "Learning to See", will focus on painting the horse, landscape and figure from life. Norton describes painting the horse and figure as some of the most complex and challenging this to paint accurately. Therefore learning to paint them from life is one of the best ways to see what is happening with shapes, light and color in the subject.
Fulfilling one of my dreams, I will be stopping in Colorado at the Sand Wash Basin HMA to observe, photograph and paint this popular herd. I will be painting throughout this trip, capturing on canvas the inspiration and beauty. During that trip I will be meeting up with Nancy Roberts who maintains an insightful and informative blog about this herd. If you are on facebook, check out the variety of photos and stories posted about the herd.
"Making a Splash"
Through my paintings, I hope you feel as if you have experienced the freedom and beauty of these iconic symbols of the American West.
Living my Dream. Thank you for your support!