Thursday, January 20, 2011

Painting the Landscape and Horse

Seeing the subtleties-Small works from life.
I recently began a personal challenge paint the landscape and horse from life on a small scale, with a focus on seeing subtleties and expressing them in a painterly style. These small works are offered for sale at reasonable rates.
"Sunday Morning String" Oil on Fredrix Canvas pad 6x8

I wanted to capture the feel and attitude of the horses standing at the hitching rail with the morning sunlight hitting their coats. Each horse had it's ears, tail and body positioned in a very expressive way.
"Superstition Mountains-West End"

The West end of the Superstition Mountains holds an air of mystery with the large spires reaching out. I wanted to catch the cool colors in the morning light.
These small works will be sold to the first person that contacts me about them. I will rely on email for that information. They will be priced as marked, plus $4.00 shipping.