Saturday, April 14, 2012

EVB Live interview by Chris Williams

I am thrilled that Chris Williams of channel 12 interviewed me!

What a wonderful opportunity! Chris Williams told my story of painting wild horses on EVB Live yesterday. He contacted me on Thursday and we met out at the River on Friday morning. He asked me to bring a few samples of field studies, a couple of completed paintings and a few photos of me as a child. We were out there for almost 2 hours, with one hour of recorded time. Chris did a wonderful job of editing that down to fit into the 3 minute segment.
What a wonderful way for me to be able to share with my friends the experience of painting wild horses!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Painting Wild Horses from Life, one artists Journey.

Has there ever been something in your life you felt so passionate about that you just had to do it? That is how I feel about painting Wild Horses from life. There are so many people, some have experienced Wild Horses, some have not, (but feel a desire to see them), and some are not "horse people" but enjoy the beauty and symbolism of the wild horse. My journey to paint what I feel and experience is what I want to express in these paintings. That expression is complete when it connects to the heart of the viewer.

I have launched at Kickstarter fund raising event to help me get to as many Herd Management Areas as I can this summer. Each person backing me, $1.00 or $1,000 will be updated with exclusive stories and photos. Backers are also be rewarded with original art, you choose the amount and receive that award. The goal is to allow you to experience this with me, and have a piece of art too! This project is an "all or nothing" in funding, so I must meet or exceed my goal by May 1st.
So please watch my video and get a sneak peek of wild horses, and be a backer!
Please, tell a friend too!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Western Artists of America Exhibit and Sale

The Sand Wash Basin wild horses were well represented with my work.
The Western Artists of America 8th Annual Exhibit and Sale was defined by a resounding expression by those that walked through it with this statement, "The work this year is wonderful"!. I heard statements like that through out the weekend. It was an honor to be part of the show. The Pearce Museum did a great job hanging the exhibit and the expanded facilities were perfect to accommodate the number of guests.
Sheila Cottrell gave an excellent presentation on James Reynolds work. It was an insightful look into the approach and methods of an artist I highly admire. Jack Muir gave a lecture of Bronze Sculpture that followed a piece from beginning through the end at the foundry.
The reception and sale was Friday evening , with not only pieces selling then, but also before the show opened. The exhibit will hang for six weeks and the work is available for sale through out that time.
Saturday morning was an opportunity for guests to meet and greet the artists at the Autograph Party. Show catalogs and posters were signed by all the artists who attended. That afternoon, Roger Kull gave an excellent demonstration on sculpting
leather. That evening was the awards dinner with presentations by Dr. Glen Cochran.
This was such a busy weekend that was full of opportunity to meet and join with other artists to enjoy the result of years of work. It was great for me to see old friends and to meet new ones as well!