Saturday, April 14, 2012

EVB Live interview by Chris Williams

I am thrilled that Chris Williams of channel 12 interviewed me!

What a wonderful opportunity! Chris Williams told my story of painting wild horses on EVB Live yesterday. He contacted me on Thursday and we met out at the River on Friday morning. He asked me to bring a few samples of field studies, a couple of completed paintings and a few photos of me as a child. We were out there for almost 2 hours, with one hour of recorded time. Chris did a wonderful job of editing that down to fit into the 3 minute segment.
What a wonderful way for me to be able to share with my friends the experience of painting wild horses!


Mary Byrom said...

This is awesome!!! Love seeing how you do it. And how you develop your memory by sketching movies. I sketch people in action - much easier than horses.

Karen McLain said...

Mary, it is so much fun for me to share what I do. Quick sketches is one of the best ways to improve memory skills, it is fun too! Thank you for your comments.