Saturday, April 7, 2012

Painting Wild Horses from Life, one artists Journey.

Has there ever been something in your life you felt so passionate about that you just had to do it? That is how I feel about painting Wild Horses from life. There are so many people, some have experienced Wild Horses, some have not, (but feel a desire to see them), and some are not "horse people" but enjoy the beauty and symbolism of the wild horse. My journey to paint what I feel and experience is what I want to express in these paintings. That expression is complete when it connects to the heart of the viewer.

I have launched at Kickstarter fund raising event to help me get to as many Herd Management Areas as I can this summer. Each person backing me, $1.00 or $1,000 will be updated with exclusive stories and photos. Backers are also be rewarded with original art, you choose the amount and receive that award. The goal is to allow you to experience this with me, and have a piece of art too! This project is an "all or nothing" in funding, so I must meet or exceed my goal by May 1st.
So please watch my video and get a sneak peek of wild horses, and be a backer!
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Karen McLain said...

Thank you to all who have supported me! My kickstarter project was funded, and I exceeded my goal!