Saturday, March 4, 2017

Painting the Great Basin Band

The process of this painting shows the use of a grid layout and the changes I made as I went along. In this painting, I wanted to show the horses emerging from the dust as they ran across the range. Every horse is effected by the dust and some of the dust color is incorporated into each horse. The depth of field is quickly engulfed in the atmosphere of dust.

The grid is laid out on the reference and the canvas. In areas of more detail, I added smaller grid lines.

A sketch of the horses.

I made some changes, especially to the rear horse on the right.

In the photo, the background horse was too large, effecting the composition and depth of field. I reduced it size and prominence. 

The dust was a major feature in this painting.  I wanted to show warm and cool areas.

Adding the horses.

All of the horses have some of the dust color added. 

"Great Basin Band"
©Karen McLain