Friday, August 23, 2013

Cloud's Encore of the Pryor Mountains

While visiting the Pryor Mountains I was blessed to see Cloud's band every day that I was there. Cloud has an amazing presence, combined with the beautiful setting, it made for an extremely moving experience. Watching Encore, Cloud's filly was so much fun. This painting was inspired by her desire to play with a colt one afternoon.

"Let's Play!"
Oil on linen
Please enjoy a tour of the four areas I visited and see some of the amazing horses. Cloud and Encore make an appearance!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

McCullough Peaks Wild Horses

There  is something that is so inspiring about being able to watch and learn  from wild horses. This summer was my first time to do that with the McCullough Peaks herd. These horses tended to mass together in the day as they grazed and napped. Since I was there for several days, I watched them thunder into the waterhole and amble in as well. There was time for a dip in the water after a drink and a good session of play after that.

But one of the more peaceful and beautiful things was watching the band Stallions take up the last position as they headed out for the the evening. Watching for predators and keeping  everyone together his strength and watchfulness are what defined him. This painting was inspired by that.

"McCullough Peaks Stallion. As the sun set, he followed his band over the ridge."
Oil on Linen

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wild Horse Plein air Paintings

My month long trip into wild horse country afforded me wonderful viewing and painting opportunities. It was bug season, so I learned that Bounce dryer sheets really do keep the mosquitoes and no-see-ums away. Despite the elements of nature and hazards of  painting something on the move from life, I managed to get  some good field work done.

"Little Book Cliffs Stallion"    oil   8x10   $125.00

"Mare and Colt"    oil   6x6  

"McCullough Peaks Foal"   oil   6x6   $90.00

"Mineral Lick"   oil   6x6    $90.00

"Picasso Portrait"   oil   6x6   $90.00

"Picasso's Mare"   oil   6x6   $90.00

"Pryor Mountain Mares"   oil   8x10   $125.00

"Raven"   oil   8x10    Sold

Several of the paintings from the trip have already sold. But in addition to these posted here I have several available in albums on my Facebook page. Please check there. I will also be posting more on the blog, including the Yellowstone buffalo video and paintings. 

If you have any questions, please email me.