Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Plein air at the Lower SaltRiver

Plein air painting on the Lower salt River.

Eagle in flight.

The two white specks in the center are Bald Eagles.

When I went out to paint this morning, I hoped to catch a glimpse of the small wild horse herd that lives along the Lower Salt River. I had my painting backpack, tripod and camera ready to go. After walking up and down the bank in the places that had a large quantity of sign, and seeing none, I looked for a place to paint. Although it had been several weeks since I had last been out to paint, I was surprised to not see any sign. The only footprint was from a raccoon.
Setting up with the sun at my back, I was looking down stream, and noticed a white speck on the brush. I got my camera out, and was delighted to see a Bald Eagle! There are a couple of nesting pairs in the area, and it was a treat to see not only one, but two just down stream from me. It seems like I spent more time watching the Eagles than studying the landscape, but i got a quick painting done despite the distraction. As I was packing up to go, one eagle soared overhead and gave me a nice in flight display. I am always rewarded with incredible beauty when out painting, and today was another unexpected blessing.