Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wild Horse Painting Adventure

During my 22 day adventure, I had a wonderful time visiting the Little Book Cliffs HMA, Sand Wash Basin HMA and the Monero Mustang Sanctuary.  I had several travel days and 2 event days, but I managed to get 40 little paintings done during that time.  Several are quick field studies, and a couple did not turn out  at all, but over all I have a nice body of work from the trip. I saw some beautiful landscape, observed magnificent wild horses and met some truly wonderful new friends.
 "Destiny" study.
 Landscape with Moon.
 Study at Monero Mustang Sanctuary.
I will be posting more about my trip later, and sharing some more photos and paintings.


Anonymous said...

And an adventure it is!!! Totally enjoyed meeting, connecting and collaborating on behalf of our american wild mustang! Kindred spirits working towards the same goal...its truly wonderful. Can't wait till we can hook up again, hope its soon! love to you!!! Melody

Karen McLain said...

Thank you so much Melody for all of your work. There is some great energy happening for the wild horses.

Cat Kindsfather said...

Happy to see these Karen. What a wonderful adventure. Now you can visit Melody Perez & the wild horses at the same time!

I think you guys should organize a painting workshop/seminar @ sanctuary. Love following your work - a joy to own some of your paintings.


Karen McLain said...

Thank you Cat! I am glad to have you as a friend and a collector. It would be fun to do a workshop at the sanctuary, it would be the perfect setting for it too.