Sunday, June 10, 2012

Painting at Monero Mustang Sancturary

Painting at Monero Mustang Sanctuary. Photo by Sherry Kysely.
Monero Mustang Sanctuary is located in Northwest New Mexico and is a slice of heaven. Sandi Claypool provides a place for mustangs to live out their lives in  bands that closely resemble the wild land they came from. With 5000 acres to roam, these horses have the  freedom to run with the wind with New Mexico beauty as their backdrop.

I spent several days there, camping. The opportunity to paint and photograph the horses and landscape was amazing. I had the chance to paint "Stiles", the Mustang from the Pryor Mountains. (It was Stiles story that first brought my attention to Monero Mustang several years ago). His journey is one that you will want to read about. I also got to paint the newest addition, "Headlight", a former rodeo bronc horse, that was a wild horse before his rodeo career. He now gets to live in a free setting. 

Monero Band Study from life. 9x12
 While I was there, I got the opportunity to meet Tom and Sherry Kysely. We connected right away and shared stories of our passion for wild horses. Sherry's photography is awesome, and you can find her work at Sherry Kysely Gallery.  Her love for the horses and for live is seen through her photos.

"Headlight" back lit study from life.
"Headlight's Freedom" 16x20

Monero field study. 6x8

Waterhole reflections. 6x6

Monero field study. 6x8
If you want the opportunity to see and photograph wild horses, Sandi gives tours. You will not be disappointed!


Lani Vlaanderen said...

Love all your plein airs of the mustangs Karen! They capture the soul of the horse.

Karen McLain said...

Thank you Lani!