Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wild Horses of McCullough Peaks

This visit to McCullough Peaks was my first. The range was easy to locate, (being very close to Cody, WY), and easy to travel on. This band is full of classic wild horses, resting together and sparing near the waterholes and stud piles. They are sturdy and gorgeous horses!

A little action as stallions spar.

Mud-caked after rolling in the waterhole. This extra layer helps ward off fly's.

Two bachelors get some practice in for the time they will defend their band.

Pronghorn share the range.

Nothing like an early morning roll!
View from the GoPro.

I got several paintings done while I was here and will be posting those soon.


Cindy Loos said...

What beautiful horses!....can't wait to see the beauty you've captured in your paintings!

Karen McLain said...

Thank you Cindy!