Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sand Wash Basin

It was great to be at the Sand Wash Basin again! When I pulled up to the place I expected to see horses, I was delighted to see Picasso and his band. It was good to see them and I just sat for a while and soaked up Picasso. He is one of my favorite horses to paint and is full of wild horse life.  During the week I was there he had a romance going on with Sagewood and she joined his band by the end of the week.
Picasso, neck arched and ready for action!
New colt in Braves band.

The bachelors were ready for some Big Boy games all week.

During the week I was blessed to have several friends make the trip out to visit me and spend time with the horses. I am very grateful for the time to spend with friends and to meet in person those that I have met online.

The opportunity to paint was always at hand and I got several field studies done.  Including a 6x6 of Corona. I was thrilled to get this done.  He allowed me to observe him from some distance and I got that quick painting done with the morning light hitting his coat.

It has been a challenge to get cell service, charge batteries and to find internet for very brief periods of time. I still need to photograph all the paintings that I have done. I also look forward to editing (thousdands) of photos and a few video clips as well!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear about your SWB visit--and of course, my
man Corona! Linda H

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what paintings you produced while out our way, Linda. It doesn't get much better than Picasso and Corona!! Safe travels, my friend.
Kathy Simpson

Karen McLain said...

Thank you Ladies! This has been such a wonderful trip. I can't wait to paint!!

Iris said...

This is awesome!