Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smoky, the horse en Plein air

This morning started out cool as I got my gear out, but by the time the first group of riders came, I was ready to paint. When I paint horses en Plein air, I truly see and connect with them. I have purpose and clarity in my approach. Painting a black horse from life is very different than painting one from a photograph. The light allows me to see colors in the coat, and transitions from light and shadow. These are expressed with warm and cool colors and really give a feel of life. When painting a black horse, I don't use black paint. I mix my dark's so that I can have a warm and a cool dark. This allows for shape and form to exists in the dark areas.

This cowboy was ready to go before I finished the painting. I made a few changes after they were gone and am very happy with the result. The feeling of being fully present, aware and alive when painting from life is what I want to express in my paintings.

The horsemanship connection. When I approach my horse, I have purpose and clarity. When I am focused and aware, the horse knows that. He also knows when my mind is elsewhere, during these times, he tends to want to be someplace else too.
"Smoky" is available for $55.00, plus $4.80 shipping

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