Sunday, March 22, 2009

Painting "Buddy"

The weather forecast called for high winds today, and I was not disappointed. Before it got too windy, I was able to do a quick portrait. This is "Buddy", a handsome fellow that I had the chance to paint en Plein air. I tried to set up in a slightly sheltered spot, but ended up with glare on my pallet and panel. I ended up taking another photograph of this small 6x8 oil painting when I got home.

The Horsemanship Connection: During this past week, I was able to take Adobe out for our first trail ride in months. While I was riding I considered how many principles Horsemanship and painting have in common. I thought about balance, movement, emphasis/timing, harmony/unity, rhythm, pattern, variety and proportion/focus. Each of these principles has a feel of presence and clarity for me in both disciplines. I will focus future posts on each of these principles. For now, I would like to leave you with the image of riding down the trail, on a horse with a relaxed neck, reins gently swaying, and a big smile!

"Buddy" 6x8 oil painting is available for $40.00 plus 4.80 shipping.

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