Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Gray horse on a Sunny day

I had the chance to paint "Doc" a good natured horse that is well loved by his owner. Doc's name originated from the movie "Tombstone". I had painted Doc a couple of months ago, when he had his winter coat, that was somewhat lighter than it is now. During the past few months, while painting horses from life at Goldfield Ghost Town, I have met many wonderful people. During this past week, many winter visitors have returned home. I wish them a good summer, and look forward to their return in the Fall.

The Horsemanship connection. I wanted to pass on a couple of wonderful websites I have found. One is Enlightened Horsemanship, which has wonderful posts and active comments. The other is Karen Musson. She is able to clearly and simply state important concepts of horsemanship through feel.


Melody Lea Lamb said...

Lovely little painting and thanks for the great links!

Karen McLain said...

Thanks for visiting! I love meeting people when I'm out painting. Then getting to talk with friends online-what a great "office"!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoutout!
It's so nice of you. I always enjoy your blog.


San said...

I came over, since I noticed you'd clicked to follow my blog. Thank you for that. I will follow suit.

What a sweet horse painting!

Lori Skoog said...

H Karen....Abbe had 23 lessons with Andrea over a year ago...we were line driving her and pulling a cart next to her...had her leading in to the cart between the shafts etc. She was worked part of the time with blinders and is used to the harness (not that hot for blinders). I am an amateur and Andrea is extremely professional so I have a lot to learn and so does Abbe.
If she does not want to be driven, that's it for me. She will be ridden only. Because it is extremely expensive, I did not do this sooner. When I should have done it, my daughter was going through a double mastectomy and I was not into committing to the training. Actually, at my age, I must be nuts to do this.
Thanks for visiting.