Sunday, April 5, 2009

Budweiser Clydesdale Portraits

During the recent visit of the Budweiser Clydesdale Team, I spent time painting them from life. Here are two 5x7 portraits I did in the Studio. Painting these horses from life allowed me to see all the wonderful color visible in their coats. The rich color is what I focused on in these two paintings. I also wanted to show the warmer and cooler colors of these two horses. This nice pair of paintings were completed mostly using a pallet knife, the thick texture of the paint was symbolic of the amazing presence these horses display.

The Horsemanship Connection: In the past couple of weeks, Ray Hunt and Sally Swift have passed on. Two wonderful teachers that have brought many insights into horsemanship and riding. The time I spend learning from these great teachers, watching horses and being aware of Harmony, Balance and Breathing add value to my own skills. The ability to pass those principles on in our relationships with horses and people is the manifestation of the teachings of Ray Hunt and Sally Swift.
5x7 oil paintings $50.00 each plus $4.80 shipping


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

The first time I saw Clydesdale horses was at a parade in Southern California when I was a child. I was impressed at how big they were and how BIG their feet were! They must have been pulling a Budweiser float or something...

Distinctive horses. Nice job!

Happy painting and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Karen McLain said...

Thanks Katherine, They were amazing! I spent five days with them while they were here. They made my Percheron look like a TB!

Sarah Kos said...

I've never ever thought of painting a horse plein aire! What an intriguing idea.

Your paintings are lovely!

Karen McLain said...

Painting horses en Plein air is an exciting creative time. I am able to connect with horses and painting at the same time!