Monday, February 2, 2009

Gallop depart!

While painting at the Goldfield Ghost Town, I did a quick portrait of a horse who is in his late 20's. I was told the owner, who is in her 70's had the horse since he was four. I was also told the horse could still move out quite well. I was not disappointed when his owner, got on, did a trot, canter, spun around and slid to a stop. Then, to much hooping she did a gallop depart! What a fun and inspiring morning!


Candy Barr said...

What a touching and moving story! I forget that horses live alot longer than dogs or cats. I've never known anyone who had their original horse all those years. (Parrots can live 100+ years!)

Karen McLain said...

Thanks Candy! It was fun to paint together the other day, I hope to do it again sometime. Happy painting!