Friday, February 27, 2009

The Budweiser Clydesdales

I had the opportunity to spend some time with the Budweiser Clydesdale's. They are absolutely amazing. Ten came to Arizona for a five day stop and performance. The ages ranged from 4-14 years, with the weight being around 2,200 pounds, and about 18.2 hands high. I painted "Turbo's" portrait while he was in his stall before the performance today. Turbo is 14 years old, was in the lead hitch today, and I have it on good authority, that he loves to eat!

The team that takes care of these horses does a wonderful job. It is easy to see that they are professionals who enjoy the horses and the people who turn out in mass numbers to see the Clydesdale's. Keeping the tradition of the Clydesdale Team alive is well worth the investment!

By the way, these Clydesdale's make my Percheron look small!

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