Monday, March 3, 2014

Workshop with Kim English

Last week I took a workshop with Kim English through the Scottsdale Artists School. The focus was on quick oil sketches with the figure. Each day of class we had two models that were casually posed. Each setting lasted from 5-20 minutes.  We spent a lot of time on 5, 7, 10 and 12 minute poses. (Kim estimated that we did 100 quick sketches during the week.)  This allowed us to really focus on the gesture and what is most important in the pose.  Then when we ended up with a 20 minute pose, it felt like a long time.

Even though the subject matter is not my primary focus, the principles apply to painting the horse from life.  I believe that everything we learn, helps us grow as an artist. Learning to see the essence of what is in front of us and simplify it down is the heart seeing.

Outdoors, 15 minutes.

Outdoors, 15 minute pose.

12 minutes full color exercise.

Indoors with the light source coming from the floor.

By the time we had a 20 minute pose, it felt like a long time!

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