Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Creating Action in a Painting

Each time I am with wild horses, I spend time clearing my mind and focusing on the horses interaction. This summer I got to see some action as the horses at McCullough Peaks raced into the waterhole. I am working on a series of paintings based on this experience. Part of what I want to express, is not simply the horses running, but the atmosphere from the dust, and the subtle interaction they have with each other while they are running.

I decided to post a few photos taken while I was working on, "Thundering into our Hearts"

The sketch,  very loose and quick, as if I were there watching them.

I just jump right in working from dark to light on each horse, being mindful of the values.

I worked out from each horse to adjust the effect the dust would have on the horses in the rear.

I added the foreground and background values last.

Click to view full screen.
"Thundering into our Hearts"


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