Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild Horse Painting Adventure 2013

This time last year I was truck camping out on the Sand Wash Basin, Little Book Cliffs and Monero Mustangs Sanctuary ranges. I had the back of my truck full of art gear, (I also did two shows while I was on the road), and camping gear. It was 22 days that included travel, but mostly painting.
Pre order an 8x10 painting and receive 25% off my standard price.
This summer, I will go to the Little Book Cliffs, Sand Wash Basin, McCullough Peaks, and Pryor Mountain ranges. With the addition of my vintage Shasta trailer, I will be camping in comfort! During my first stop at Little Book Cliffs, I will meet up with Cindy and Bill Loos of Opus Moon Music. This is something I am really looking forward to. Their music is heartfelt and speaks to so many aspects of our beloved wild horses.

Painting "Picasso", Sand Wash Basin, CO 2011

 I am leaving in one month for the range to see, feel, hear and fully experience wild horses. While I am out there, I will be painting as many field studies of the horses and landscape as I can. If you would like to pre-order an 8x10 painting from this trip, I will take 25% off my standard pricing.

How it works:

Original 8x10 oil painting $125.00
Pre Order Price: $93.75 plus shipping. Two payments of $46.88 plus shipping.

 Payment on the first installment needs to be made before I leave, and the second payment is made when I return and you choose your painting. Choice is awarded in the order that you take advantage of the offer. (So make the first payment now!) You will be able to choose your painting around the  4th week of July. If you want to make other arrangements for payment, please email me.

Offer ends June 16th.

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Anonymous said...

Please sign me up for the trip deal. I will get the half payment to you before you leave. :) Cat

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see what you find up there! Linda

Karen McLain said...

Linda, I am so excited! I know I will learn so much and get a lot of paintings done!

Karen McLain said...

Thank you Cat, I have you signed up!!

William Relvas said...

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