Monday, April 8, 2013

The Anatomy of a Painting

So much goes into the completion of a painting. I go through several stages to collect my reference, make field studies, value and color studies, then a final studio painting. Each painting in the process has it's own appeal and a valuable place in my process.

The  process for "Family Ties" started last August. I painted the field study early one morning.

Before I begin painting, I always take a couple of quick photos of my subject.

"The White Mare"
This is the field study I did that morning.

Photo by Robin Knight
Painting "The White Mare"
"Close to Mom" 
A small color study.

A value study.

"Family Ties"

The painting process is one that involves as much authenticity and connection with my subjects as I can get. Through that process, I hope to bring to the viewer as much life and introduction into each piece as I can.

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