Saturday, December 15, 2012

Painting the Grand Canyon

 It was windy, cold and beautiful!

This week I spent a couple of days painting at the Grand Canyon. A place of such vast beauty, where should I begin? I started with the first the first overlook I stopped at, Mather Point. During the two days that I was there, did 7 little paintings. Here is a link to the album:

The following are a some of paintings from the trip.

 "Grand Canyon Mule"

I painted this while waiting for my room to be ready.

"Sunrise Bright Angel"

This was painted along the Bright Angel trail as the sun first hit the canyon rocks. 

"Sunset at Hopi Point"

This is a painting I knew I wanted to do, so I got it in on the first evening there.

"Mather Point"

My first stop along the canyon rim.

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