Friday, August 24, 2012

A closer look, "Sparring Stallions"

Watching stallions spar is dramatic and exciting. I never know what will happen next. To be able to witness this is something that those who go out look forward to seeing. The display of strength, agility and contest never disappoint. Whether they are sparing over mares, territory,  dominance within the band or playing it is very exciting to watch.

Stallions will eye each other, then trot out to meet. Necks arched, they sniff each others nostrils, paw the ground and often squeal that high pitched sound that seems like it should come from a completely different animal. What happens next could go either way. Will they separate and go on their way or proceed to spar and battle it out on the range?

"Sparring Stallions"
oil on cradled wood, ready to hang