Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rod Zullo Sculpture workshop at Scottsdale Artists School

Rod Zullo taught a workshop on Sculpting the Horse from Life this week at the Scottsdale Artists School. I had the opportunity to help with taking care of the equine model. The horse (Huck), was generously provided by Papago Riding Stable in Tempe, and he was relaxed and friendly. I was able to assist as the Wrangler last year for the workshop, and was very inspired by the work the students did and Rod's demonstrations and instruction.
Rod's approach to building the armature and starting the sculpture is very quick and easy. This allows for easy changes in the positioning of the armature as the clay is put on. This ability to make adjustments helps in composition and accurate anatomy as well. Careful observation of the horse is essential through out the process. One of the things Rod stressed, is the importance of spending time looking at your subject. It will really pay off with confidence in the sculpture.
This year, I was able to sculpt! This is my first attempt at sculpting and I am now a 3-D convert. I worked on this for two days, and decided to leave not to over work it. I can't wait to work on more!
Rod will be teaching an Animal Sculpting workshop at Scottsdale Artist School Dec. 2012, and another Horse Sculpting Workshop in March 2013. Please call 800-333-5707 to register or for more information.

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