Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick Whiteboard Sketches

"What are you doing?"
Movie Night-The Black Stallion.
Recently I started doing quick line sketches on a whiteboard to improve my skills at seeing and accurately drawing gestures. I wanted this to be fun and fast paced, so I settled on what I call, "Movie Night". I watch a movie, with the dry erase marker in one hand and an eraser in the other and cover the board with images from the movie as it progresses. One of my "rules" is that I don't pause the movie.
When I did "The Black Stallion", I never thought that Mickey Rooney would end up with a copy of the result, but my friend Pamela Glasner had the opportunity to present him with a copy while working with him on her documentary, Last Will and Embezzlement. It is wonderful to see the expression on his face as he looks at the images captured from the movie.
I also sketched my horses, which has also proved to be great fun.


Anonymous said...

Well that's super cool, kinda like you are :)

lisa steve said...

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