Friday, September 9, 2011

Painting a Slice of Western Life-from life

Waiting to get new shoes.

Getting a trim.

The sketch.
A quick shot before I picked up the brush.

Jeremy Cluff, giving a clinic. This was a hard to catch colt that also had a tendency to kick.

This horse was new to the saddle.

Jeremy, taking his time, allowing the horse to get comfortable, gave me time for some quick oil sketches.

This is a glimpse into living with horses and the activity that is still common in rural Arizona. Whatever I'm doing I try to get out and paint it as it is happening. The horses getting trimmed, or watching my trainer work with a new horse, or the behind the scene activity at the rodeo, this is a glimpse of western life in my area.


Margaret said...

This is so inspiring. I'm bringing my sketchbook to the horse farm this weekend... Your sketches are lovely.

Sam said...

LOL - Greg used to be our farrier! I think we travel in the same circles!


Karen McLain said...

Margaret, it is so much fun to work from life, I know you'll have fun. Thanks for your support.

Karen McLain said...

Christine, I think we do move in the same circles!

Painting Workshop said...

The painting "Waiting to get new shoes" is great! well done painting on that...keep up!

Karen McLain said...

Thank you!