Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Painting Adventures

 "Monument Valley"  SOLD
 Painting at Jim Norton's workshop, WY
 Painting "Femur" at the Sand Wash Basin,CO

My trip to Wyoming for Jim Norton's workshop was a travel painting adventure. I stopped along the way to do some small paintings in Monument Valley, Bluff UT, Meeker CO, and of course the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area.
If you ever get the opportunity to visit any of the HMA's and observe wild horses, take it! I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit several of them and I have been thrill every time. Part of the adventure is never knowing what will happen. But in my recent visit to the Sand Wash Basin in Colorado, I was able to observe, photograph and paint wild horses in the vast open space of the West. I had Nancy Roberts as a knowledgeable guide, and the company of photographer Jim Westin. These two added so much to my visit and I was grateful to meet both of them. Thanks to both Nancy and Jim for taking some photos of me while out painting!
The opportunity to learn from Jim was another excellent growth experience. In addition to the workshop, I enjoyed the fellowship of other artist as well as wonderful Dutch oven cooking. I will post more on this adventure as I have time. Since I've been back I have been busy working on commissions and getting back outdoors to paint!


cat Kindsfather said...

Love the landscape painting. Is it one of the small gems & is it sold? Probably sold, but I thought it would be a great companion to the small one I have of the native brave by the stream. Please rsvp.

Karen McLain said...

Yes, that one is sold. There is another of the same area that is still available.