Sunday, February 6, 2011

Painting Horses from Life




Zoom and Luke
8x10 Oil study

It was a beautiful day, with the temperature near 70, perfect outdoor painting weather. So I grabbed my gear and headed out. Koda is sold, Belle 6x8 is available, Zoom and Luke 8x10 is available. I didn't have much time with Zoom and Luke before they left, so at some point, I will do a painting in the studio based on this and the photo reference I took.
Seeing the subtleties-Small works from life.
I recently began a personal challenge paint the landscape and horse from life on a small scale, with a focus on seeing subtleties and expressing them in a painterly style. These paintings are on Fredrix Canvas pad and are offered for sale at reasonable rates.
These small works will be sold to the first person that contacts me about them. I will rely on email for that information. They will be priced as marked, plus $4.00 shipping.


Candy Barr said...

Nice Karen, and great painting with you on the Salt River looking for the wild horses the other day!

Karen McLain said...

Thank you Candy-I look forward to meeting up again. This is our time of the year to get out and paint!

How to paint landscapes said...

The horse paintings looks great! I like it! Thanks for sharing these!...Daniel