Sunday, January 31, 2010

Painting a Mule Study from Life

This was the first really nice day we have had in a while, and I got out to Mammoth to paint horses from life. The second quick study I did was a portrait of of mule, "Charlie" is his name. He had wonderful color transitions around his nose, eyes and jaw area. Plus, there is something beautiful about mule ears. Curious and engaging at the same time. His rider had to leave before I was able to finish, but I enjoyed the time I was able to work on the study. (In the first photo, you can see him on the left.)


Sharon Crute said...

How adorable!

I always want to hold their ears and make like a motorcycle. Of course, they won't have any of that.

Karen McLain said...

How funny Sharon-I can just picture that one!

Candy Barr said...

Sometimes the leaving early can be a GOOD thing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, wonderful paintings you make. I love horses and the horses you paint as well as the landscapes look like a dream. This mule is so cute. You captures it's hair so well.
Have a great weekend