Thursday, December 31, 2009

Painting Horses from Life

Painting horses from life is challenging and rewarding. I am frequently asked how I make them stand still. Well, I don't, and that is part of the challenge. The movement of the horse and the constantly changing light also add to my emotional response to the painting. I strive to see not only the conformation and individual characteristics of each horse, but also the way natural light effects a living being. Each painting is an opportunity for me to see, learn and grow in my horsemanship insight and painterly skills. Everything I learn, I take with me to the next painting, and I want to fill them all with the heart and life of the horse.


Carol............. said...

Yes, I can't imagine a horse standing perfectly still as to pose for a painting. You do such nice work!

Karen McLain said...

Thanks Carol! They stand perfectly still right up until they move! :)

Best Horse Gifts said...

Your work is beautiful! Glad I found you (via Twitter)