Sunday, May 24, 2009

Horses, Mules and Dogs

My commissions come from the heart. They come from the heart of the person who commissioned the piece, (whether it is for them or a gift), and as an artist, I paint from the heart. I believe that is the place of origin for every painting. It is the emotional reaction we have to our subject that adds Soul to the piece. My friend, Shannon Grissom, is an artist who lives that to the fullest! In expression through paint, song and laughter, the elements of life and Soul are evident.

In the paintings I've posted today, the spirit of the owner and animal come through. I had the opportunity to do some on location paintings of some of these subjects prior to making the final painting. I really believe this adds a depth of knowledge and experience that pays off in every subsequent painting.


Sharon Crute said...

The German shepard in profile is so beautiful. You must have fell in love with him, it shows. What a gorgeous dog.

Karen McLain said...

Thanks Sharon. The painting is one of my GSD. I have four, and they take pretty good care of me!