Saturday, November 22, 2008

Evening Shadows

I did two paintings in this series. Both of German Shepherds, with warm sun light as the major feature in the painting. The goal was to have a nice inter-play of warm and cool notes. Since it is evening, even the cool notes have a feel of warmth to them. What do you think? Both of these are available as note cards and prints.


KD said...

Hi Karen,

I found you through your comment on my blog. I really like what I see of your paintings! I love blogging and making new horse friends. I look forward to more of your posts and need to figure out where to see those 105 paintings you did this summer!

Karen McLain said...

Thanks for your kind words. I have my work on my web site, redbubble and on etsy. Thanks again!

BarnHag said...

Hi Karen!
I LOVE the new paintings of the German shepard. Absolutely beautiful.

So sorry to hear that Adobe is suffering with his eye - especially since his NOSE is better. Poor guy.

[Your buddy in Colorado - who is seriously enjoying your painting of her geldings!] ;)

Karen McLain said...

I'm glad you like your painting! I know Adobe wants to be out on the trail again.